Daily Message

Gift of Christmas anh New Year 2015
I want to give presents to you on the occasion of Christmas and New Year 2015,
You can choose a plan that you want to build in the spring, contact me, tell me the name of the plan, I'll send you the link to download, it is free, it is the gift of Christmas,
You can contact me at my website at "Contact Us Safely"
Be quick, time to get gift to January 20, 2015,

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015!
I'm upgrading the entire plan, and I always do so,
I am reducing the volume of wood in construction and still achieve what we want, 
to save money, build faster, easier,
I am presenting a plan for a better way with less drawing,
to save money on printing and viewing time, download time,
I am following the suggestions and feedback from all of you,
Thank you very much for the feedback. They are great! :)
Have a nice day! Wish you all the BEST! :)
Sincerely: Frank :)
We regularly have new designs.
The design concept is always free.
When we does not have the detailed design for construction, you should order and comment about the concept design. The designs that are more ordered and reviews will be done soon. And it will be free with you.
When we completed the detailed design for construction, we will notify you and you can download them for free within 1 month.
So please comment and order when you see our new concept design .
Thank you very much for tracking my work in recent times.

- If you can not download the product please contact us
If you are not happy about the product and want money back. 
Please contact us. We will refund your money.

- Be careful before buying products. Please see "Payment Instructions and Guarantee" before clicking "Buy Now" button

- In fact, there are a few of our friends did not download the product when they pay. Then, they sent me e-mail. I reply with the dowload link products. And everything become great again. Thank you very much!

At this point, I just focus on the design style and design ideas. I do not put forward a solution to the associated timber and wood processing. I will be interested in that in the future. I really apologize to you. I hope you still follow my work. Good luck and Success! :)))

- Whether you download the product on my automatic system  payment? I will send you a download link by email as soon as I see you have paid! 
I want a way to make sure that you will download the product!

- Please do not hesitate to contact me. I have so many ways you can make sure to download the product.
I have a lot of storage products such as:
Google Drive
The attachment
Sometimes you have to wait for several hours to contact me. Because of the difference in time zones. But do not worry. Trust me. I am honest and reliable

- After your purchase, I received notification from Paypal.
I also get your email address in it.
Sometimes that email address does not exist.
Please check this. And please give me a "good email address" of yours.
I want to make sure to send you the links to download the plans.

Wish you a Great day and all the Best. I love you all! :)))