Standard Plans

Currently, I only proficient in the design of architectural styles and the main function.
I can not give a specific instruction as a carpenter or mechanic.
I have the statistics wood material: wood length, volume of timber ...
I do not have the detailed statistics on accessories such as screws, hinges, locks, latches, glass.
I have a step by step guide to general dimensions. I do not have detailed instructions for the links.
Currently our resources can not meet it.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
This means that you should buy my plans when you have construction experience.
However, I hope that this is not a big problem for you. And you will build it successfully.
Building The Column and Axis

Buildng the Main Frame Structure

Building the Floor System

Building the Roof System

Building the Nesting Boxes

Building the Frame of the Door and Windows

Building the Door and Windows

Building the Frame of Vents

Building the Wall System

Building the Chicken Ramp

Building the Little Tray and Clean Out Lid

Building the Vents

Building the Door of Chicken Run

Building the Wire Mesh System for Chicken Run

Have a Great Day and All the BEST! :)))