M300 (74"x135"x88") - Chicken Coop Plans - How To Build A Chicken Coop

M300 - Chicken Coop Plans - How To Build A Chicken Coop - Free Chicken Coop Plans
The picture below is the Concept Plans. Detailed Plans for construction is being done. If you like these plans, please comment, I will make detailed plans immediately. If you wish to modify the plan better fits your desire, please comment. I'll modify it for you. Please say me what you want about these plans, I will respond quickly for your wishes. During this time, Concept Plans and Detailed Plan for construction is FREE for you. You can download them easily. Have a nice day! Wish you all the best!

M300 - Chicken Coop Plans - How To Build A Chicken Coop - Free Chicken Coop Plans
- Overall: 74"x135"x88" front - left - height
- Cage (indoor): 3600 inches2
- Yard (outdoor): 0
- Nest box: 3 box
- Timber: 4"x4"; 2"x4"; 2"x2"; 0.5"x4"; sheet thickness 0.5" - 0.75"
- Units: Inches - Millimeter (decimal fomat)

(Newly Upgraded Version)
I'm upgrading the entire plan, and I always do so, I am reducing the volume of wood in construction and still achieve what we want, to save money, build faster, easier,
I am presenting a plan for a better way with less drawing, to save money on printing and viewing time, download time,
I am following the suggestions and feedback from all of you,
Thank you very much for the feedback. They are great! :)


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