DH301 - Insulated Dog House Plans - Insulated Dog House Design - The Upgraded Version

DH301 - Insulated Dog House Plans -  Insulated Dog House Design - The Upgraded Version

We regularly have new designs.
The design concept is always free.
When we does not have the detailed design for construction, you should order and comment about the concept design. The designs that are more ordered and reviews will be done soon. And it will be free with you.
When we completed the detailed design for construction, we will notify you and you can download them for free within 1 month.
So please comment and order when you see our new concept design .Thank you very much for tracking my work in recent times.
Have a nice day! Wish you all the BEST! :)

DH301 - Insulated Dog House Plans
Insulated Dog House Design - The Upgraded Version

DH301 has two rooms to cool in the summer, warm in winter, 
to avoid the rain, wind and storm
1. System of walls, ceilings and floors are insulated. 
They are composed of three layers:
- "Outer layer" is wooden to prevent rain, sunshine
- "Inner layer" is wooden for insulation and decoration
- "Middle class" is insulated panels
2. Windows and doors are anchored to walls by steel hooks
3. "Door for Cleaning" is only open when cleaning cages
4. Window system has two layers:
- layer 1: glass windows for light and prevent wind
- layer 2: wooden windows to retain heat when closed. 
It makes the house warm in winter
5. Vents for indoor air convection they make indoor air clean. 
In particular they reduce heat in summer

Overall size:
100" x 60" x 100" for House
130" x 84" for area of ​​the building
Dimension in the drawings as reference
Building according the actual dimension
Size of timber (section): a: 4"x4"; b: 2"x4"; c: 2"x2"; f: 1"x2"; 
g: 1"x1"; h: 1"x4"; k: 1"x6"; Units: Inches

Order of the drawings in this profile are not the steps to build correctly.
It is suggested. You should see the drawings carefully.
Then you should create a plan to build that it suits your conditions.
And here I will suggest you a step by step plan to build of mine that 
you can refer to it:
- Building Column and Axis
- Building the Main Frame Structure
- Building the Floor System - The beam
- Building the Frame
- Building the Floor System - The Finishing
- Building the Glass windows
- Building the triangular frame
- Building the walls inside
- Building the Ceiling
- Building the Roof beam
- Building Insulated Panel for Wall 1 - Building Wall 1
- Building Insulated Panel for Wall 2 - Building Wall 2
- Building Insulated Panel for Wall 3 - Building Wall 3
- Building Wall 4
- Building roof beam surrounding
- Building the Insulated system for roof
- Building the Vents
- Building the Architectural Shingles
- Building the splint for the corner of the wall
- Building the Windows
- Building the Door
- Building the Terrace
- Building the Flower Pots

DH301 - Insulated Dog House Plans
Insulated Dog House Design - The Upgraded Version

The Upgraded Version 
for Construction

DH301 - Insulated Dog House Plans
Insulated Dog House Design - The Upgraded Version
(Newly Upgraded Version)
I'm upgrading the entire plan, and I always do so, I am reducing the volume of wood in construction and still achieve what we want, to save money, build faster, easier,
I am presenting a plan for a better way with less drawing, to save money on printing and viewing time, download time,
I am following the suggestions and feedback from all of you,
Thank you very much for the feedback. They are great! :)


  1. After study a few of the posts on this website now, and I truly like your way of blogging. I bookmarked it and will be checking back soon.
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    1. Thank you for nice comments! They make me happy! :))

  2. just wanted to add a comment here to mention thanks for you very nice ideas. Blogs are troublesome to run and time consuming thus I appreciate when I see well written material. Your time isn’t going to waste with your posts. Thanks so much and stick with it No doubt you will definitely reach your goals! have a great day!

    1. Thank you for nice comments! They make me happy! :))

  3. I will be looking forwarding to participate in the discussions.

  4. Hi there! I was looking at the templates for the Medium Chicken Coop M200 and Dog House DH301 and I was really interested in buying the templates. I have a basic knowledge in carpentry and woodworking and I was wondering if your plans and templates are easy enough to follow for a novice carpenter. If I buy the templates, is it possible to print the drawings on paper larger that 8.5 x 11 perhaps size A2 or A1?

    1. In each plan, there are many detailed drawings.
      It creates specific build steps.
      However, Currently, I only proficient in the design of architectural styles and the main function.
      I can not give a specific instruction as a carpenter or mechanic.
      I have statistics materials for wood processing: wood length, volume of timber ...
      I do not have statistics for accessories such as screws, hinges, locks, latches, glass ...
      Currently our resources can not meet it.
      I apologize for the inconvenience.
      There were a lot of people build successful with my plan.
      Each project after construction is complete are beautiful, sustainable, comfortable ...
      I think when you have a little skill in carpentry and construction, you will build it with ease.
      Each plan printed at A3, A2 is the best. A3 paper size for young people; A2 paper size for middle-aged and elderly people.
      The printing on A4 size paper is saving. It can be somewhat difficult to look for the elderly.
      The paper printed in A1 is not necessary. It might be wasted.
      You can also build in my plans without printing. You can build while watching them on mobile computing devices: laptop, ipad ...
      Because each plan has a lot of drawings, each drawing is simple to read, easy to understand.

  5. The DH301 is a great design. Do you have any idea what the average construction cost have been? I am sure you can not give an exact amount, but have past builders expressed any ballpark figures of the final cost.

    1. Currently, I can not give a total cost for building.
      I live in Vietnam and I am not qualified to study the cost of building on your country.
      I apologize for the inconvenience.
      However, I have a statistically wood materials for each plan.
      Plans DH301 - Total volume of wood: 118.000 inch3
      I hope it can help you a portion of the estimated construction costs.

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