HB100 - Horse Barn Plans - Horse Barn Design

HB100 - Horse Barn Plans - Horse Barn Design

Principles of design:
"Sustainability"_"Insulation"_"Ventilation"_"Easy to Clean"

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I love this plan,
But at this point, I have enough resources to do detailed design for construction,
If you are interested in this plan, make comments,
These comments and your feedback is motivation and guidance for me to complete it,
When it's completed, I will inform you, and I will sell it at very low prices in a few months,
Thank you very much for your follow-up and support!
HB100 - Horse Barn Plans - Horse Barn Design


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  3. Hi Frank,

    I just bought one of your chicken coops, it looks like a great plan and cannot wait to start working on it. As for this plan, it is absolutely stunning, but not overly practical. I was wondering if you had plans to make smaller barns, maybe 8-10 horses with an attached indoor arena.
    To understand where I am coming from, I live in New Jersey and we have 20 acres. The two horse barns you have started are great, but in my opinion are for much larger farms with much higher building budgets.

    Just a thought. As an architect this transition should be pretty easy on AutoCAD or SketchUp Pro.