M210 - Chicken Coop Plans Construction - How To Build A Chicken Coop

M210 - Chicken Coop Plans Construction
How To Build A Chicken Coop

Principles of design:
"Sustainability"_"Insulation"_"Ventilation"_"Easy to Clean"
Units: Inches - fractions
It can comfortably hold 20 - 25 chickens
Total land occupancy area: 21' 3 3/4"x8' 10"=188.26 ft²
Total height: 10' 3 1/4"
- Chicken Cage: 6' 5 1/2"x6' 5 1/2"=41.71 ft²
- Nest boxes for 4 hens: 6' 5 1/2"x1' 10 1/2"=12.109 ft²
- Chicken Run: 12' 4"x6' 7"=81.194 ft²
- Construction area: 142.958 ft²
Total volume of wood: 279044 in3 = 161 ft3
Dimensional lumber sizes:
4x4: 4"x4" (Nominal)=3 1/2"x3 1/2" (Actual); 
2x4: 2"x4" (Nominal)=1 1/2"x3 1/2" (Actual); 
2x2: 2"x2" (Nominal)=1 1/2"x1 1/2" (Actual); 
1x2: 1"x2" (Nominal)=3/4"x1 1/2" (Actual);
1x1: 1"x1" (Nominal)=3/4"x3/4" (Actual); 
1x6: 1"x6" (Nominal)=3/4"x5 1/2" (Actual); 
1x10: 1"x10" (Nominal)=3/4"x9 1/4" (Actual); 
1x12: 1"x12" (Nominal)=3/4"x11 1/4" (Actual); 
Plywood 3/4" thickness actual=1" thickness nominal
The functional component - the build step guide - Table of Contents:
Concept design
Building foundations
Building Post
Building Frame
Building Floor
Building Interior wall
Building Nest Boxes
Building Perches
Building Chicken Run
Building Roof, Fiberglass insulation for roof
Building Fiberglass Insulation for Wall
Building Exterior Wall
Building Door, Window, Vents, Clean Out-Lid
Building Litter Tray
Building Chicken Ramp
Building Chicken Run

M210 - Chicken Coop Plans Construction
How To Build A Chicken Coop
Detailed Plans for Construction
(PDF, Excel file: Units: Inches - fractions
printed on A4 or A3 size paper)

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M210 - Chicken Coop Plans Construction
How To Build A Chicken Coop


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