S102 - Beautiful Chicken Coop Ideas_0822

Principles of design
Durability & Comfortable
"Durability"_"Insulation"_"Ventilation"_"Easy to Clean"
It can comfortably hold 20 chickens
Units: Inches - fractions - (Original)
Overall size: 9' x 5' = 45 ft² for Cage
15' x 8' = 120 ft² for Chicken Run
7' 3 15/16" x 1' 6" = 10.99 ft² for Nesting Boxes for 5 Hens
Maximum height: 8' 11 1/4"
Construction area: 178.02 ft² (The area for building foundations)
Units: Millimeters - decimal - (Converted)
Overall size: 2.74m x 1.52m = 4.18m² for Cage
4.57m x 2.44 = 11.15m² for Chicken Run
2.23m x 0.46m = 1.02m² for Nesting Boxes for 5 Hens
Maximum height: 2.72m
Construction area: 16.54m² (The area for building foundations)



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