Feng Shui Application In Arranging The Workplace

In many family, workplace is not usually emphasized. People can work anywhere, in bedrooms, living room, even at the dining room. But actually, workplace, workroom is the factor that directly influencing to the success or failure of you. 

It is very important to streamline your desk both at home and at work. According to Feng Shui, your workplace should be designed and arranged in a neat and tidy. It will help you advance in your career. 

Your computer should be placed on the right side of the table, towards the West or Northwest. These positions support the thinking and perception. 

The records, documents need to be addressed immediately should be placed in the east. 
Desk lamps should be located in the south. You will be issued on the recognition or praise. 
You should set a paperweight made of glass or crystal in northwest. It will help you get the help of many people. 
Cards of business partners should be placed in the north. Your work will get more favorable and luck. 
Desks should always be neatly to let air flow easily. Books, papers should not be much dust. 

Do not turn away from the door, desks should be set in place that can clearly see the aisles. Seat facing the door will make you feel completely confident. You will always dominate and control the job and not be startled. 

Desks should be placed so that when you sit, your back don’t turn away from door. This will make you lose concentration when working. If your desk set straight towards the door, you will always be the first to be asked to perform the assigned tasks, you’d better to place the table with slightly deflected doors. 

You should place a table in a position that could clearly see the aisles. The aisles in the room should be clearly visible from where you sit so you can identify everyone entering your workplace. You will feel effusive and easy to work with people. 

You should put lamps on the left hand side (if you're right handed) and vice versa (if you're left handed), to avoid blocking light when working. You should not work only with fluorescent lights on the ceiling (Ghost phenomena). 

Let others see your desk can be a good place to communicate. It is the place to exchange ideas, discuss work processes, interpretation, presentation, thus, it will bring many benefits to you. Depending on the nature of work that you should choose the layout according to The five basic elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. 
Your desk should be able to stimulate the five senses. People live in society have developed the ability to receive information over thousands of years ago. If isolated, the senses will be weakened gradually, therefore, besides the necessary information and color, you should make your office able to receive the kind of sound, smells and feelings, to listen, to smell and to feel in order to meet the needs of the senses in a scientific . 

You should create a clean and airy workplace because things are not neatly arranged will affect the behavior and disorders while working and more important as it will make you lose focus. Therefore, you should clean up and remove unnecessary items. 

You should arrange some more trees to clear the air. Fresh air is what a lot of office work can not be. Toxic gas released from plastics, ink or other materials will be mixed in the air you breathe. Therefore, green will help you improve the air. 

Please remove (if possible) the stationery ones that have rust or dust because they have not been used long. You should rearrange your workplace, you will get innovation. You can change the location of the waste basket or rearrange the items on your desk. 

Just a little change to apply the principles of Feng Shui for the arrangement of your workplace, you'll see the difference. 

Wish you success!!


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  4. Feng shui makes sense to me--and by employing some of her suggestions I'm going to try it in my workplace and see if I can get better chi!
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