Feng Shui For The Decoration And Arrangement In The Workplace

In modern society, when human life is improved, people are not only pay much attention to the interior of the house but also particularly interested in how the office has arranged following the manner of ancient Chinese in order to expect for the work to get the sustainable development.

The position of the desk 

According to Feng Shui, the direction of the desk have to look toward the main door but should not face the door, so you will always lucid, intelligent and achieve high efficiency at work. This layout is appropriate only when it is your own room and there are no windows behind your desk.

Behind you must have fulcrum. According to Feng Shui for the decoration and arrangement in the workplace, walls are equivalent to the mountains. This arrangement will help you get more help from those who have power, help you be friendly with colleagues and staffs, help your career advancement. Thus, in any case, you should not place the desk in the direction that you sit facing a wall.

The direction of the desk should not be straight to the door. According to Feng Shui, this is not good, it will cause people to be distracted, depressed, or made a mistake lead to low performance and many opponents among colleagues.

You should not turn your backs to the door, this mean a lack of fulcrum. This might make you not meet the enthusiasm in the process of communication, not superior attention, not be subordinate in respect during working, the efforts only achieve half.

You should not place the desk in the center of the room. According to Feng Shui, there is no fulcrum in all 4 directions. You will always be in a state of isolation, do not receive the support in spirit and career, you will always lack the wisdom in all things at the office and susceptible to mistakes.

Method of layout objects

According to Feng Shui, you should place some favorable things in your workplace to increase vatality, help people be healthy, lucid mind and to facilitate development work. Therefore, you can place decorative plants, trees with large leaves and avoid placing trees with thorns. If possible, you should place the cane – pot in front of your room, according to Feng Shui, cane is the plant helps to attract fortune and increase vitality.

You should set a column of glass on the desk. Its nature is to gather energy in the space to a point, it will help to enhance your thinking. You should also put a pyramid at the four corners of the desk, they could be made from wood or glass. It would be very beneficial for learning, improving yourself, make you brilliant and lucid.

If you often have to travel, you should set on the desk a small pair of bronze horse. According to Feng Shui, doing so will make all your trips more convenient, the traveler will be healthy. If you do brokerage as a lawyer, actor.... you should set a small pair of stone lion in your room to create power and help create a fortune.

If you do the research, writing too much, you should hang pictures of scientists. If you are a manager, you should hang pictures of leaders and the predecessors who are the genius leader. If you are a businessman, you should hang pictures of the famous successful businessman in the world. Pictures should have bright colors and expressions success. Avoid hanging paintings are works of art have cool colors, paintings contain abstract, the picture painted by surrealist school, the sad picture of the scene.

Just a little change to apply the principles of Feng Shui for the arrangement of your workplace, you'll see the difference.

Wish you success!!


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